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[IP] Omnipod bent cannula and occlusion problems

I've been using the Omnipod now for almost 3 months. Within the last  
2-3 weeks I've been having a high rate of erratically high BGs after  
changing a pod (about 1 in 3 cause me this problem) where I bolus and  
bolus and my BG still ranges from 200-300. On inspection, the cannulas  
are clearly bent after changing a pod, usually about halfway, or  
toward the tip. Inspecting older pods since I started never showed  
this problem. Yesterday I had the same problem, but this time I got my  
1st occlusion alarm. When I changed it, it had a bent cannula.

I've been using the back of my arms, rotating from arm to arm and  
rotating sites on the arms. I never used the arms before for MDI.  
Could I have subQ or intradermal scarring after this short time?  
Perhaps I am hitting the muscle fascia and bending the cannulas?  
Should I always pinch up the adipose during the cannula insertion? I'm  
lean, but it appears I have enough adipose on my arms. The pods are  
always firmly affixed and do not move over the 3 days.

What I don't understand is even with bent cannulas they never went  
into alarm, so I assume the insulin was delivered. I find no evidence  
of tunneling back to the surface of the skin (no insulin smell or  
evidence of liquid after a large bolus). So if the insulin is  
delivered subQ, where does it go? I never had absorption problems with  

Now I'm trying a new pod on my abdomen today, in an area where I used  
MDI less frequently. Now I'm erratic again, using 2x normal correction  
boluses 2x more frequently and still not seeing post-breakfast coming  

Any suggestions out there, or similar problems solved somehow?

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