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[IP] Ever wake up in the night with that "oh crud" feeling? And MM sets--Long

My subject should say it all, almost.  Here I am writing to IP at 1:50AM 
in the morning, and here's why:
I made a new kind of pizza last night for dinner.   I used the pre-made 
pizza dough you buy at Walmart, in the rolls that pop open....Carbs 
weren't horrible, but with pizza, I always take at least 2 units up 
front, and try to square or dual another 1.5 U  over the next 3 hours.  
Well, not knowing how this new dough would act, I didn't, and for some 
reason, I took 2.6u all at once...well, about an hour later, got that 
weird feeling, low.  So checked bg, was 41.  Ken got me and made me 
drink, 2 glasses of OJ, plus a little glass of pineapple juice.  (he 
over-reacts to my lows sometimes worse than I do  :-)   )
When I went to bed 2 hours later, bg was 134, excellent for having pizza 
and juice.  Wake up at 12:30 with that "oh I feel like crud" feeling, 
and dieing of thirst..so checked bg, it was 474!!!!!  Dang it all, pizza 
should not have hit me that hard, plus the juice, but oh well...took a 
correction of 3 units, drank ice cold diet pop, have to have ice cold 
something, and no bottled water in house, so had to have pop.....went 
back to bed, and could not sleep.  Finally, got up, came downstairs to 
check bg and sleep on couch.  Luckily, I had to go to the bathroom...I 
have my sweat pants on, and keep my pump in pocket when I sleep.  Pulled 
sweats down, and was not connected to my pump!!!  I looked closer, just 
my pump was in pocket, no tubing attached.  (I have MM 522)  What the 
heck.  Turned brighter light on, and the tubing had pulled right out of 
the doomahickey at the end of the paradigm set where it connects into 
the pump!  So it may not have been the pizza and juice at all, it 
seems.  Now why would this pull apart like this is my next question.  It 
is where the tubing goes into the cartridge, with that little piece that 
turns when you lock it into the pump and rewind etc.I can see where the 
tubing gets smaller as it has to go into that piece, it just plain old 
pulled right out of it all together!  Talk about a defective infusion 
set.  MM is getting a call in the morning about this, believe me.. 
Has anyone else ever had this happen?

Thanks for listening to me rattle on at 2AM.......
A tired, thirsty, and thankful I got up to piddle  Lori
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