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[IP] Re: coverage when pump breaks

 I haven't had the need to go off pump since I went on the OmniPod 2 1/2 years
ago but before then if I had a pump failure I just tested every couple of hours
and used Hymalog about every 3 hours. I added up the basal uusage over 3 hours
and injected it. If I was high I corrected and if low I backed off a little.
When I ate I bolused with a syring as usual. No big deal. I would use the same
syringe, wshing out with tap water for a day or so. Have never needed to call a
doctor for help in 53 years. While I suppose I go go get regular, why bother.
Humalog, novalog or other fast acting works just as well. Go back on NPH or
lantus would really screw thigs up when you try to switch back on pump as you
need to get it out of system. It's not a big deal. Just test and correct as

Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 18:49:50 -0500
From: "Jan H." <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: coverage when pump breaks

> > My pump failed last night and required
> > me to convert to NPH and Novolog

I replied with:
> My endo wanted to write me an Rx for Lantus in case of pump failure. I
> flat-out refused! I'll do Michael's suggestion of covering with Novolog = 
> to
> 4 hours of basals throughout the day(s). I have not had any long-acting
> insulin in me for 24.5 years and do not want to reintroduce any again -
> which could start a new set of problems. YMMV

I GOOFED big time! Michael has reminded me that *his* recommendation is to 
do the basal thing with REGULAR insulin (4-6 hr duration) and bolus with the 
analog (Apidra/Humalog/Novolog) which has a shorter tail..

Sorry about that.

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