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[IP] My experience with lows

Sometimes I feel my lows and sometimes I don't.  I hate it when I don't
catch them and I think it can be upsetting because it means I literally have
lost control.  When you go low, you lose the ability to think and that's why
you can do stupid things, like someone else said, getting distracted, going
off to do something else, and then not treating the low.  I know that I take
it out on my husband, who always knows way before I do when I'm in trouble.
Instead of being appreciative, I get mad at him.  I used to feel horrible
about this until a friend of mine who is an EMT told me that this behavior
is very typical.  She told me about a couple that they routinely visit
because the wife gets lows a lot.  One time the husband answered the door
with orange juice all over him, including his eyeglasses.  When the EMTs
tried to give her glucose gel, she bit one of them!  I don't think I'm that
difficult but it helped me see that I'm not alone.  


At work I let all my co-workers and my staff know about my diabetes and the
difficulties of going low.  I try to describe my behavior to those who

seen it; my best way of explaining it is: my blood sugar is low when I can't
answer a question they know I know the answer to.  Once they've seen me with
a low, they recognize it and either ask me if I want some juice or they just
go get it for me.  I'm pretty compliant when I'm given a glass to drink.  If
I'm really low and uncooperative, they get a nurse to come (I work in a
retirement community where there's a health center).  I obey nurses!  I
really do like people around me to know I am diabetic and that I can have
low blood sugar episodes where I may need some help.  I have never regretted
doing that and more times than not I have been very, very grateful for help
that's offered.


I can function at very low levels (like below 40) but can "tip over" at some
point and then I'm in trouble.  I don't bother to test; I just take some
o.j. or glucose tabs and try not to over treat.  Once I start functioning
like normal, I'll then test every 15 minutes to see where I'm going.


Fortunately my severe low blood sugar episodes have been few and far between
since I got back on a good pump but even so, they happen because it's just
plain hard figuring everything out!  I'm sure my husband appreciates the
scarcity of my lows!


It has been helpful to read what so many others have written about this the
past couple of digests.  Not personally knowing many other folks with
diabetes, I so often feel very alone.  Thanks for being out there.


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