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[IP] Re: coverage when pump breaks

> > My pump failed last night and required
> > me to convert to NPH and Novolog

I replied with:
> My endo wanted to write me an Rx for Lantus in case of pump failure. I
> flat-out refused! I'll do Michael's suggestion of covering with Novolog = 
> to
> 4 hours of basals throughout the day(s). I have not had any long-acting
> insulin in me for 24.5 years and do not want to reintroduce any again -
> which could start a new set of problems. YMMV

I GOOFED big time! Michael has reminded me that *his* recommendation is to 
do the basal thing with REGULAR insulin (4-6 hr duration) and bolus with the 
analog (Apidra/Humalog/Novolog) which has a shorter tail..

Sorry about that.

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