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[IP] Tape for New Minilink

Not sure if this has been posted about yet since I am so far behind in my  
 digest reading. I received one of the new MM Minilinks last week and was told
by a MM rep that I would no longer need to tape it down at all.  This  would 
 be great news but I am allergic to the sensor adhesive so I still use Tegaderm
with a hole cut out for the needle to go through.  I wore this  sensor the 
 first time with only Tegaderm underneath plus a Tegaderm on top of sensor only.
 My new little transmitter was hanging without tape.  BIG  mistake.  I got up 
the next day and didn't get dressed till late.   When I did get dressed I 
found that I was missing both the sensor and my  Minilink.  I searched every 
 where (clothes, under bed, on stairs, the whole house) on Sunday afternoon and
 all day Monday. I did call my MM rep and she got back to me the next day that
since I lost it I would have to pay to  replace it.  I pointed out that I was 
told by a MM rep that I didn't need  to use tape at all as well as the 
 instruction manual stating that "dressing is optional." Monday evening I found
sensor and transmitter sitting in  front of the dogs water bowl so one of the 
dogs had it and dropped it when they  got water (thank goodness they didn't 
swallow it).  I know the  sensor/transmitter were not there earlier because I 
had fed and watered the dogs  two other times since it was detached from me.  
I love how little this transmitter is but my recommendation is to tape it  
down!  I am writing a letter to MM that they need to change their manual  
because it needs to be taped down.  There is no adhesive on the back of  the 
Minilink transmitter at all.  
Julie, Colorado
Dx'd type 1 1962, MM722, Minilink, Freestyle  Flash

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