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Re: [IP] Drivers Licenses ... BE CAREFUL !

Sorry 4 your hassle... But THAT police officer's attitude is why I think ANY
AND ALL Diabetics... ESPECIALLY Insulin dependent (either type 1 OR type 2
doesn't matter... DOT feels the same about BOTH types IF the person uses

We ALL NEED some sort of organization where we can ALL get together with
state & federal officials to get the rules concerning ALL of us a LOT MORE
EQUALIZED!!!  So that in ALL locations... Insulin dependent diabetics
receive the SAME EXACT treatment that any other driver would receive...

Last time I renewed my license... I had NO PROBLEM despite having Insulin
Dependent Diabetes marked on my license...

But... The person two ahead of me at the counter was refused a license
because she had been rear-ended by another driver who filed charges, and the
court date hadn't been yet... And the old man ahead of me COMPLETELY FAILED
the vision test... Yet, the person at the counter didn't hesitate for one
MILISECOND to issue HIS drivers license renewal!!!

Personally, I'd MUCH RATHER have to drive on streets containing ONLY ONE
person NOT using Insulin rather than having to attempt to drive on a road
where I KNOW since my license renewal, that there is VERY LIKELY AT LEAST
ONE driver driving on the SAME STREET I'M ON who is COMPLETELY UNABLE to SEE
what is occurring around HIM and HIS vehicle!!!

The local license renewal board seems to think it's much safer to issue a
license to a person who is unable to see his driving environment (I can only
guess he only drives "IN BRAIL"... As long as he doesn't feel any
"THUMPS"... He didn't hit anything, so he's OK)  Rather than risk giving a
license to an Insulin dependent person, who by past driving record, has
NEVER had an accident, and closely monitors his health conditions BEFORE
getting behind the wheel... But even IF the BG drops low, he can STILL SEE
AND RESPOND TO surrounding traffic conditions.

SOMETHING OBVIOUSLY needs to be done to get the DOT (BOTH Federal AND LOCAL)
to start to treat EVERYBODY EQUALLY!!!

If you fail the vision test... Your license is denied...

If you have a past history of many accidents resulting from the SAME
condition... License denied...

If you have a medical condition... REGARDLESS of WHAT medical condition it
is... If you have NEVER had an accident resulting from that medical
condition... Your license is EASILY RENEWED!!!

Sure... In some instances... I can see where some sort of medical review
MIGHT be a plausible need... But in MOST instances...  The DOT's hoops they
try making diabetics jump through to maintain their license is PURELY an
attempt to make the diabetic feel that with his medical condition, the
hassle isn't worth the effort, and he'd rather not drive than try to jump
through all the extra hoops involved in getting the license either issued or

Next time you go for a license renewal, and the examiner hesitates to issue
the new license... Ask the examiner... "Would you rather drive on the road
with a diabetic you KNOW is carefully monitoring his BG, and will stop to
treat if running low???  Or would you rather drive on that same street
knowing that old man you just issued the license renewal for, despite the
fact that he couldn't even see well enough to pass the vision test portion
of the renewal process, just because you assumed he already had many decades
experience driving WHILE LEGALLY BLIND???"


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Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 08:33:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doris Dickerson <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Drivers Licenses ... BE CAREFUL !


  Being a Type 1 and having low BS and wreaks when driving made me tell my
daughter who took Type 1 at 11 to be sure and check that little box. It IS a
hassle and " they " are out to get us. I agree with this post allot, but If
have a wreak and am knocked out I really don't want the ER to give me meds
will probably kill me. I had a wreak about 2 years ago from a high and my
daughter had just got her license and the stupid policeman said in front of
daughter that diabetics didn't need a driver's license that we could kill
somebody and if it was up to him he would make sure we never got one so now
have no license and have to rely on others to get to and from the Dr. or
anywhere else which turns into a big headache!


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