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Re: [IP] MM minilink pointers

On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 07:05:01 -0400, you wrote:

>>Hello, I finally got my minilink and really want to get started on it, 
>>but my CDE office wants to do the training, bu they have no idea when 
>>they can work me in? So I decided to do it myself! I programmed 
>>everything into the pump and read the sensor book. I just am not sure if 
>>I know how to put in teh sensor? Can anyone gi

 I found that what my CDE showed me was entirely included in the minimed web
Their "pump school online" has a sequence of fairly detailed instructions,
including inserting the sensor, programming the pump, etc.  Considerably more
detailed than the instructions that come with it.

Some points.

 Apparently, minimed is worried about skin contamination of the sensor. make
 your skin is clean and dry, and clean it with an alcohol wipe only. (that's the
key point here.)  Don't use an I.V. prep or other such prep with more than
alcohol that leaves any residue on the skin..

 Get the angle of insertion right. Seems to be somewhat important. Also, be sure
to hold the newly inserted sensor in place when you remove the trailing tail of
 paper from the back tape surface, and get that tape firly attached before you
and remove the insertion needle.  So long as that needle is still in, you could
rework the insertion if you had to, but once it's out, like an infusion set,
that's it.   And for me at least, I find the insertion needles to be rather
 "still" to pull out. I don't think it's anything I'm doing wrong. Just that the
needle is initially rather "stuck" to the sensor electrode, and getting it to
pull free that first bit, takes some force.  Again, be sure to hold the sensor
firmly in place when you pull the needle out.

After inserting, wait the full five minutes they want before attaching the
minilink transmitter.

Hope that helps.

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