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Re: Subject: [IP] Re: Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes

> I have a strong opinion that anyone who is greatly overweight, has a far
> greater problem than the magic surgery can provide.  As a member of
> Overeater's Anonymous, the problem of overeating, a food addict in other
> words, must learn a lot of things about themselves before they can begin 
> to
> change their size.   The weight is a symptom, not the problem.

I just wanted to point out that not all fat or obese people are compulsive 
overeaters or food addicts (in the sense that you mean - we're all food 
addicts in that we need it to survive).  To say that they/we are is patently 
false (in my not so humble opinion).  We all have different relationships 
with food, and to generalize is inappropriate.

It's a common misconception that fat or obese people eat uncontrollably and 
eat foods that are full of fat, sugar and flour all day, but most of use do 
not do so.  We eat in ways not unlike the majority of the people in our own 
cultures, some of whom are fat and some of whom are not.  We process food 
differently, just as diabetics process carbs differently.

Science is only beginning to see the iceberg, much less uncover it when it 
comes to obesity research, and if the researchers weren't mostly in the 
pockets of the drug companies who sell weight loss drugs or the companies 
that sell weight loss programs, we might be a lot further along.

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