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Re: [IP] Re: females only

--- Sarah Dowdell <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Liz,
> I would definitely get that checked out!  And
> probably by an OB-GYN in 
> addition to your CDE/PCP.  That could signal a
> number of problems, ranging 
> from fairly minor (excessive exercise, significant
> weight loss or gain, or 
> use of birth control pills for an extended period of
> time can cause this) to 
> very severe (cancer comes to mind). 

I have lost a lot of weight but my period was normal
during the bulk of the losing phase.  My loss was
tapering off at the time my period stopped.  I walk
every day but I wouldn't call it excessive by any
means.  No birth control pills.
> I'm kind of surprised your CDE or PCP hasn't asked
> you about that at one of 
> your visits--mine usually ask if I've been regular
> as one of the generic, 
> every time we meet questions, especially since PCOS
> (polycystic ovarian 
> syndrome) is very related to type 2 diabetes and
> metabolic syndrome, so most 
> endo's should be aware of it (yes, I realize type 1
> and type 2 are different 
> diseases and type 1 is not linked to PCOS or
> metabolic syndrome, but that 
> doesn't mean it should be ignored)!

My PCP usually does ask but I only saw her twice last
year.  The first time was less than a month after my
last period, so there was nothing unusual there.  I
saw her again in October and just didn't think to
mention it and I guess she didn't ask.  It's time for
my annual physical and I've been putting off making an
appointment.  I don't really like my PCP much since
every time I complain about something she says, "Oh,
it's nothing".  I really do hate going to the doctor
and going to a new one is even worse.  I know I should
find a new doctor who might actually listen to me.  My
CDE is much better about that.  I know I should find a
gynecologist as well.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005


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