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RE: [IP] Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes.

John Wrote:
This URL looks at Leucine as a muscle builder. They would take it as  
a supplement not deprive the body of it. Somebody is not right, guess  
who? THE

Leucine is commonly found in meat, which makes sense since it has a  
role in protein synthesis. However, it is also found in many grains,  
eggs, soybeans
and leafy vegetables.

Ricardo Responds:
Many bodybuilders use protein shakes with the essential and non- 
essential amino acids. The thinking is that ingesting amino acids  
will build muscle, but this is only true when coupled with resistance  
exercise. Some level of leucine is also needed to just maintain muscle.

For fat loss, my speculation is that the leucine levels acts as a  
thermostat to help spare muscle tissue. In a calorie deficient diet,  
the body will always prefer to spare muscle (including the heart) as  
opposed to using muscle for energy. Per the study, in a leucine  
deficient diet the body preferentially draws its energy needs from  
fat stores, which they term the starvation response. Sparing muscle  
and drawing from the more energy dense body fat would be a good thing  
in the feast or famine cycles our ancestors lived through.

A while back on IP, we had a thread where several members said that  
no matter how much they counted and restricted calories, they were  
unable to lose weight. This study suggests a possibility that for  
"some" people successful weight loss is about more than just calorie  
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