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Re: [IP] where all do you put your sites..

--- Teresa Broullire <email @ redacted>
> hello all I am in a stage again... with my sites. I
> know it is not insulin
> resistance. I had that before with the humolog.. but
> the sites in my stomach
> area I can only go a day.  I use the soft set from 
> MM. what sites do you like
> and where do you put them I am tring my butt cheek..

I use Silhouettes.  I started with Quick-Sets but had
way too many problems with them so I switched to the
Sils last year.  I use my entire abdomen from just
below the belly button to just below my breasts.  I
use my sides/love handles as well.  I have just
recently started to use my legs and that's been
working out well for me.  Yesterday I put a site in my
left leg for the first time and my BG was really high
after breakfast, but it came down with a correction
and has been working great ever since.  I plan on
using my legs just as much as my abdomen from now on.

I never had any luck with the upper butt area.  No
matter what set I used I didn't get good absorption
and my BG would skyrocket.  I have never tried my
arms, because injections always hurt there and I'm
afraid of what inserting a set would feel like.

I have been pumping for a little less than 2 years so
I don't think I have any scar tissue to worry about. 
You should definitely try new areas as well as a
different type of set.  Have you ever tried the angled
sets, like the Silhouettes?

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005


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