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Subject: [IP] Re: Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes

Regarding the study....interesting findings in mice.....but for gastric bypass
surgery as a "cure"...it is not.

I have a strong opinion that anyone who is greatly overweight, has a far
greater problem than the magic surgery can provide.  As a member of
Overeater's Anonymous, the problem of overeating, a food addict in other
words, must learn a lot of things about themselves before they can begin to
change their size.   The weight is a symptom, not the problem.

Further, I have personal experience of five people who have had gastric bypass
surgery as a cure.   It is a horrible surgery, pain, complications and
"unexpected" events occur after this surgery.  The five people I know have all
developed severe, life threatening problems, several have gained much of the
weight back, stretched that stomach back, are regretful of having the surgery.

I know compulsive overeating is just like a drug user's addiction, an
alcoholic, a gambler or any other medically recognized addiction.  I found the
12-Step program of spiritual (not religious) growth, to be a successful
experience and still is part of my every day life.

Had to share my experience
Bonnie from Bama
T1- 24 years, MM Pump user 13 years
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