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Re: [IP] Re: females only

--- a <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Aw Liz, that is just not fair at all that you never
> had a bg period 
> problem. Would you consider maybe trading your nice,
> stable ovaries for 
> my wild and woolly ones?
> :)Audrey

Well, here's another thing.  I should probably have
mentioned it to my PCP or CDE ages ago, but I haven't
had myn period in a year now.  Last time was March
2006.  There was nothing weird going on at the time
and right up until March I had been very regular. 
April came, and nothing.  I thought maybe I was late,
which did happen every so often.  Nope.  May came,
June, July, August.  Nothing for a year.  I'm 39 now
and this started when I was 38.  I looked up signs of
menopause and the only symptom I have is no period. 
No hot flashes, no sweats, no mood swings, nothing. 
I'll try to remember to ask my CDE when I see her at
the end of April and I also have to make an
appointment with my PCP eventually.  I always used my
primary care doctors for any female problems and never
went to a gynecologist.  The fewer doctors I have to
see, the happier I am.  Maybe not such a good idea.

When I used to read about women whose BGs went nuts
every month I would go back through my log books and
check my numbers just to make sure I wasn't writing
anything weird off for other reasons.  Nope, no wild,
unexplained highs or lows.  I guess I'll keep my
stable (malfunctioning/non-functioning) ovaries since
I don't miss my monthly visitor.  Never had the BG
problem but I sure don't miss the cramps!

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005


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