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[IP] Re: Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes

Having just finished my GI Surgery rotation a month ago in med school, I can
tell you that gastric bypass, and many of the other open and laproscopic
(through small incisions guided by a camera) stomach surgeries are HIGHLY
morbid, meaning there is a high complication  rate.  Part of this has to do
with the riskiness of the procedure, and part of this has to do with the
fact that most of the people undergoing the procedure have many
comorbidities that would contribute to their risk of complications.  Most of
them are morbidly obese patients thaat carry other conditions with them that
make it more difficult to recover.  I can tell you that many of the patients
who get gastric bypass surgery end up "curing" their Type 2 DM in the sense
that their insulin/medication requirement goes down or disappears
immediately, but this doesn't happen in every case, and as far as I can tell
no one has figured out the mechanism by which this happens.  I'm not sure
that undergoing the procedure simply too cure type 2 would be indicated, but
talk to a surgeon for more info.  Definitely keep a look out for more info
on this, as there are most likely ongoing studies looking at it.

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