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Re: [IP] Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes.

I agree with you.  My post said that the cure is worse than the disease.

The surgery actually kills more than 1 out of 100 - that number is only for 
those who die on the operating table, not those who die later of 
complications from the surgery.  The doctors selling this surgery 
conveniently ignore this reality.

I have had many of my doctors suggest it too.  My regular GP became very 
annoying about it, so I printed research papers and other informaiton about 
the dangers, wrote him a long letter, and at least now he has shut up about 
it.  I'm not sure I educated him at all, but at least he no longer suggests 
it as a "cure" for me.


> You've got it a bit wrong.
> The surgery kills 1 out of a 100 patients who attempt it.
> The complications kill another group of patients.   You can look up
> the exact number if you are interested.
> Those left end up with another addictive disorder that ruins their
> lives in a different way.
> Here's what is driving me nuts.  Every single one of my physicians
> lately (except maybe my endo, which is why I like him), has suggested
> one form of bariatric surgery each time I go see them.
> And when I list the reasons I have already found for not doing it --
> and mention that I have already seen a surgeon and was not comfortable
> with my options, THEY KEEP PUSHING  IT!  ARGH!!!!!
> Then they label me a noncompliant patient and go off their merry way,
> not listening to why I want a different approach.
> It's getting to a point where I am thinking of printing up a short
> card with the conversation summed up nicely, having the nurse attach
> it to the chart so I don't have to go through the song and dance
> again.
> .
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