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Re: [IP] I'm back!!

>On 3/28/07, Don Stevens <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>  While they had me on NPH & Humilog with a sliding scale, the nurse came in
>>told me she was giving me 2 units of humilog as per the sliding scale!!!!! to
>>bring my glucose down from 187 to 160....
>>  she was reading 0.2 as 2 units instead of 2/10ths .... she got upset when I
>  > corrected her and never admitted she was wrong...... wonder where 
>she bought
>Of Course she was right, Don!!!   After all, that's the way the
>syringes are marked so there's absolutely No-Way that anyone can take
>just 2 tenths of a unit.   ;-)

Which is no doubt why when I was in the hospital and the doctor 
prescribed a sliding scale the nurses kept putting me into insulin 
shock in spite of my insistence that so much regular at that time of 
day (bedtime) would put me into shock.  Luckily low BG still woke me 
up then and I was able to hit the call button--but that was ten years 
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/Bowling/Bowling.html (professional--retired)
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