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Re: [IP] I'm back!!

 While they had me on NPH & Humilog with a sliding scale, the nurse came in and
told me she was giving me 2 units of humilog as per the sliding scale!!!!! to
bring my glucose down from 187 to 160....
 she was reading 0.2 as 2 units instead of 2/10ths .... she got upset when I
corrected her and never admitted she was wrong...... wonder where she bought her

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Why?  Why?  Are these hospital staff not the very people who should know 
best how to treat this disease?  I marvel continually at the number of 
times this story is repeated.

Don Stevens wrote:
> I had some weird doctors, they wanted to regulate me with NPH & Reg...... I
> full of morphine at the time & could cared less..... wife tells me they
> me 4 times a day and after a week of their chasing my glucose up & down the
> scale I ended up with DKA..... which didn't help matters any.
> Restarted the pump about 10 days before I came home. I'm holding around 125 -
> 138 most of the time
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> Subject: Re: [IP] I'm back!!
> Yikes!  Glad you are ok (ok-ish, anyway).  How have the blood sugars 
> been in the hospital?
>> Don Stevens <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I've been in the hospital and rehab centers since Thanksgiving 2006. Got
>> March 21 2007.
>> Broke left shoulder and left hip after being 'attacked' by my electric
> scooter
>> in the bed of my new pick-up... damn scooter chased me out of the truck bed
> and
>> then came after me......almost landed on top of me...
>> Hip has been pinned/screwed/drilled etc and seems to work fine . with the
> help
>> of wheel chair/walker/ etc.
>> The shoulder is another story, knocked off the head of the humerus, only way
> to
>> fix is to replace the head and rebuild all the tissue around it. Still
> haven't
>> made up my mind.... (still have a lot of pain pills:)
>> If anyone has sent me mail without an answer might want to resend...... had
>> over 4000 msgs to delete.
>> don
> .
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