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[IP] Re: Quarterly Lancet Change

For 20 years I changed my lancet with every test.  Horrible me!   I stopped 
doing that when I first started reading IP.  It was so much  easier not having 
to worry about having enough lancets along for every test when  I travel.  Now 
I'm back to changing whenever the lancets hurt, which is  every couple of 
 days. My fingers used to have no hole marks but now are in bad shape. I don't
know whether that is from testing more often (12 times  per day and more) or 
from not changing lancets so often.  I know that all  of our miles vary.  I'm 
just hoping I didn't do permanent damage to these  poor overused fingers.  
One of the nurses at the endo office I go to who is on a pump tests on her  
arms.  I had always heard this is not a reliable place to test but she  seems 
fine with it.  
I hope everyone keeps posting when you change your lancets so I can  feel 
like I'm part of the group and change with you too!  lol
Julie, dxd 1962
MM715, Freestyle Flash
"Barbara Ziegler" email @ redacted~~I_ 
 (mailto:email @ redacted~~I) have to confess, I changed my lancets last
week. My fingers were in bad
 shape.  Besides the quarterly reminders from this group, that's my sign to  
change. So I did it early. Please don't turn me into the lancet  conservation
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