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Re: [IP] D-Tron Questions

> Does the weird size of the pump bug you or not and do any of you know if
> there are plans to put Novolog into the cartridges for the pump?

I asked about the cartridges with Novolog when I did a trial.  I don't even
know why I asked because I don't use Novolog.  Just curious, I guess.  I was
told that they have the cartridges of Humalog because of a special
arrangement they have with Lily, I think, to use the same cartridges that
are used in some insulin pen that Lily makes?  (I may have the wrong
manufacturer in mind, but it was something like that.)

I was told that because of that, they had no plans to do cartridges with
Novolog.  The prefilled cartridges are VERY handy to use, but filling them
yourself sounded like a hassle to me.  (But, to be fair, I've never done it
and it may be a whole lot simpler than I'm inclined to believe.)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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