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[IP] I've ordered my pump

Some of you might remember that I've been thinking for a long time about what
pump to get.  I had narrowed it down to the Animas or the Cozmo, and was
waiting to hopefully get a trial on the Cozmo before making up my mind.

I got a call today from Animas offering me a free palm pilot with their
software on it if I were to order today.  I had a hard time deciding, but
finally decided to go ahead.  This wait on the Cozmo trial, when I first
expressed interest sometime fairly early in January, was getting ridiculous.

I decided to let my Deltec rep know what I had decided and why.  Maybe if they
figure out what they are doing with their slow tactics, they'll get on the
ball and start doing a better job.  Below is a copy of the email I sent to

My new Animas is supposed to arrive on Wednesday.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990

>>>I got a call today from Animas.  They've been calling about once a month to
see where I was on my decision making about what pump to get.  I had told them
I was trying to get a trial with a Cozmo.  They said fine, each time I told
them that, and they called back a month later.  I would have the same answer,
month after month.  "No, I'm still trying.  They said my doctor's office was
going to get one and then I could try theirs."

>>>"They said my doctor's office should have one available, but I haven't
heard back from them yet."

>>>"Instead of giving me a pump to try, they've referred me to a Logimedix
rep, who doesn't have a demo yet, anyway."

>>>And that was where we were at when she called me yesterday.  I shared with
her a number of concerns that I had about the Cozmo.  It is new, so all the
bugs aren't worked out yet.  They've made pumps before, but my impression is
that they deal more with hospitals.  Are they prepared to deal with a number
of individuals?  Nobody but me seems to care that I've gotten no trial now for
about four months.  I've read on the Insulin Pumper's mail list about people
placing an order for a Cozmo and having to wait months to get it, feeling like
no one cared whether they got one, either, or how soon.

>>>Today, she called again, and offered that if I ordered today, she would
throw in a palm pilot and their software to go with it.  I thought it over for
a bit, and the more I thought, the more I thought, "The Cozmo is a maybe.  But
Animas is a sure deal."

>>>Had I been given a trial in a reasonable amount of time, had I had someone
show some real interest in me as a person and in getting my business, maybe
things would have been different.  The Cozmo has attractive features that
NOBODY else has.  The ability to keep track of the insulin still working, the
reminders to check blood sugar and change your site, those were big draws.
They got me waiting as long as I did.

>>>But Animas cared whether I bought their product.  Animas was ready and
willing to handle my order.  And Animas has a pump with a good reputation,
along with reputable customer service.

>>>You could have had my business.  For a long time, I was leaning toward the
Cozmo.  But you lost me.  I just thought you should know that this kind of
thing is happening.  And I'm not the only one it has happened to.


>>>Kristen Olgren<<<
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