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[IP] Re: Health Insurance in New Mexico

Sue:  Are you heading this way after all?
Since I just got done researching all of this, here's what I know--

There is high risk insurance through the state--Health Insurance Alliance
(800) 204-4700.  You have to ask about pump and supply benefits because they
told me I would use all the pharmacy benefits up way too quickly and have to
go out of pocket.  They do offer both HMO and Indemnity plans.  I was quoted
about $400 per month for the two of us through them, however I am only paying
an extra $75 beyond that for a major HMO now.

Also there are about four HMO groups with various plans.  I have all the scoop
on them, and you can E mail me if you need information.  I even have
salespeople at each place that I have dealt with, and I know they understand
pumps and supplies.
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