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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm problems

Shelley Valentine wrote:
 > <<Do I care? Yes. It worries me that this piece of electronics that I am
dependent on can potentially fail.>>

> I'm not afraid of a pump failing, we test 7 + times per day & a
> pump-failure will send us back to shots, but is not
> life-threatening.  That is unless you don't test.

I think you misinterpreted the intent of my message.

I didn't say "life is dependent on".  I can go back to shots too.  But
I am psychologically "dependent" on the pump.  It has changed the way
I deal with my life and my diabetes, and I wouldn't want to go back.  

I'm dependent on my car too.  I'm at more risk from my car failing
while hurtling down the highway at 75 MPH than I am from my pump
failing.  The advantage to the pump is that I can have a replacement
the next day with only minor inconvenience, as opposed to a vacation
that begins with a ride in an ambulance.

-R (feeling the need to explicitly state "Happy with Minimed")
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