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[IP] pumps and extreme weather

email @ redacted writes:
>Subject: Re: re [IP] pump and extreme weather 
>My understanding is that the heat can break down the volocity of the insulin 
>which makes it not be as potent ????   You also have to be careful in hot 
>tubs as it has a tendency to cause you to go low.  Atleast it does Joshua and 
>many others.  I can't remember the exact reason except that the heat opens 
>everything up vascular and allows faster absorption of the insulin in the 
>body.  I've been known to put Josh int he hot tub if we end up with a 
>stubborn hi BG.  Works like a charm!!!

 Your right about how the insulin absorption rate is increased, the heat seems
to increase the blood flow and so the insulin reaches the blood stream faster.
This happens to me in the bath tub if I bolus before bathing. I also had a sever
brought on by an electric blanket once (though it was set to high).
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