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Re: [IP] D-Tron Questions


 I've been using my Dtron+ now for 2 months and love it. The size and shape are
not a concern for me (since my first pump was an Autosyringe AS6C in 1981, about
the size of a brick!). I wear it horizontally on my belt and it sits quite
comfortably that way.

 When you refer to the software, are you speaking of the Dialog software for
programming the pump, or the InSight program for maintaining data? I use both
and am happy with this. The InSight software let's you upload pump data, data
from virtually any BG meter that has the capability, weight information, carb
intake data, etc. It the produces very good reports and graphs.

No word on the Novolog issue that I am aware of.

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Date: Monday, March 31, 2003 12:40 pm
Subject: [IP] D-Tron Questions

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> For you D-Tron owners--do you use the computer software and how do 
> you like
> it? Does the weird size of the pump bug you or not and do any of 
> you know if
> there are plans to put Novolog into the cartridges for the pump? 
> Just for
> future reference for moi!
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