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Re: [IP] Re: free BD Logic Meter for Paradigm Pumpers?

I called MM and asked them about this.  I was told that everyone who has a
pump would get a free BD meter with 50 test strips included.  Then after a
minute she said that she was sorry to lead me wrong but they could not send
anything out because my insurance which at this time is medicade would not
allow them to send me anything.

So it does depend on your insurance and what their policies are.
> I just received a letter from MM about two weeks
> before hand,saying they were going to send me a
> complimentery meter.(and then the meter,two weeks
> later)I don't even get my supplies directly from
> them,the only business dealings I've had is for the
> initial purchase + repairs.My guess is that all the
> paradigm pumpers at least will eventually get one.I
> don't know,maybe they made a mistake in sending me
> one!haven't any of you other non paradigm users gotten
> one? -Heidi
> --- Karl Forehand Jr <email @ redacted>
> wrote:
>> I guess I missed the first part of the posts about
>> getting this meter. Do
>> you have to send in something to get the meter?
>> Karl
>>> This isn't just for the paradigm users,I've got a
>> 508
>>> and they sent me one as well(have had my 508 two
>>> years)..I believe it is for all MM users.(don't
>> quote
>>> me on that)Just received mine today.It looks like
>> a
>>> pretty cool,useful little meter and it looks very
>>> portable to me.It is about the same size as the
>>> Ultra,and there is a strap inside the case that
>> will
>>> hold the meter just fine.(on ski lifts,whatever) I
>>> have not actually tried it yet,so I can't comment
>> on
>>> its accuracy.
>>>          -Heidi
>>  ---> >  I was just wondering, have most people
>> using a
>>>> Paradigm Pump gotten a
>>>> certificate for a free BD Logic BG meter?
>>>>  Except from other people on this list I have
>> not
>>>> heard anything about it or
>>>> received any info.
>>>>  I got my pump last June - are they maybe doing
>> it
>>>> only for people who got their
>>>> pumps recently and already have the new software
>>>> that will be needed to use the
>>>> radio communication features that they will be
>>>> creating?
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