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[IP] Hives

Dear Rachel,
	Just wanted to share our family's experiences with hives.  A few weeks
after having a severe case of strep throat, my daughter (Mom to my
granddaughter Rachel, dx 7/96 age 8) had a bad case of hives.  After
several months and many trials of different antihistamines, the hives
went away.  Through the years, we discovered that the hives would often
present themselves prior to another bout with strep throat, but
sometimes, the hives did not precede or follow any noticeable infection. 
We did notice, however, that a course of an antibiotic would usually get
rid of the hives.  It became a real challenge to find a doctor who would
prescribe an antibiotic for hives!  
        	Last week, after the two little granddaughters had ear
infections, my daughter had hives again.  We can see that there is a
connection with "germs" and hives, but most doctors are reluctant to
accept our "diagnosis." 
   	Other causes of hives for us:  penicillin, Aleve, and certain birth
control pills.
	Hives are tricky, but I just wanted you to know about our "germ
						Doris (grandmom to Rachel, dx 7/96 age 8)

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