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[IP] question about insulin sensitivity

I'm a relatively newly diagnosed diabetic (3 years)
and have a question about insulin sensitivity. I
currently use novolog, but previously used humalog (no
difference between the two). When I bolus for higher
carbohydrate foods (e.g., an apple with more than 2
units of insulin) I experience inching and pain at my
site. I also loose sites faster (due to redness and
swelling) during the times when I used more insulin. I
also feel tired when I bolus with more insulin
(regardless of what it is that I eat) and have to
fight off the urge to nap after a larger bolus. My
question centers around my sensitivity. Should I
minimize my use of insulin (by focusing on a lower
carbohydrate diet) and will this reduce the chance
that I will become completely intolerant to the
insulin. Or, in using more insulin am I desensitizing
myself (almost like an allergy shot) to the insulin,
and focus on a lower protein diet (protein is what I
substitute for carbs, I always eat lots of low carb
vegies)?  Any thoughts would be appreciated as I
haven't seen any research out on this topic.
Thanks, Meha

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