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RE: [IP] Pregnant...pumping...and worried

Hi Jennifer,
 I just read your message and wanted to reply. I know how you feel! I am now 23
weeks pregnant--with my first child. I had done alot of reading on the topic and
was prepared knowing that shortly after conceiving BGs usually go wild--on the
high end. That was actually my first sign that clued me in to the fact that I
was pregnant. Around 4-5 weeks after conceiving I my BGs started shooting up
into the upper 100s and 200s and I was increasing my basal rates (using my
temporary basal setting) by 20%-50% which was alot for me.
 I was already testing at least 10 times/day which helped stay on top of things
so I just kept testing at least that much daily and adjusted my basals as
needed. As I understand it from many knowledgeable folks on this site as well as
my endo, a high for a couple or few hours will not do any harm to you or your
developing fetus.
 I also was worried about harming my developing fetus in those early days but
any time I had a high I was correcting it immediately which kept my A1c 5.3! I
was quite surprised. My A1cs are still in the low 5s (5.2) and all seems to be
going and growing well:-)
 Then around 12 weeks my insulin requirements took a nose dive so we started
reducing my basals and I have been there ever since:-) I think I am ending that
phase and starting to go back up in my basal requirements--just in the past week
or two. I just test, test, test:-) I can't hurt! Only help.
 By the way, I never heard that the 1st trimester was suppose to be easy! I've
had alot more "ease" if I can even use that term:-) in the 2nd trimester. I just
figure I must stay constantly vigilant--that helps make it easier.
Good Luck and stay in touch!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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Subject: [IP] Pregnant...pumping...and worried

Be patient with me this is my "first" post so I am not sure I am doing
everything right.  I am about 6 weeks pregnant and this is my second
child (1st was a cake walk) but I cannot seem to keep my BS under
control and this is supposed to be easy the 1st trimester.  My main
worry is does anyone know the with high BS in the 1st few weeks of
pregnancy...and if those risks are lowered if you get your BS back to
normal within a few hours?  Thanks for any help!
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