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[IP] extreme weather (HOT) - frio wallet

frio wallet for the pump
i bought one for insulin on hikes/camping trips/arizona in general
but it says it is big enough for the pump
i have a 508 & it fit inside without the clip & the frio wallet itself has a
case with a belt loop.
keeps insulin cool for up to 48 hours after being soaked in cold water for
10 minutes
after the 48 hours just soak again.
i tried it once & it worked great for insulin but haven't tried putting my
pump in it.


Product: Pump Wallet
Price: $27.00
Color:  BlueGreenRedBlackBurgundy

Suitable for Mini Med and Disitron pumps plus Innolet and Innova injection
This unit contains a waterproof interior unit to ensure no moisture is ever
transmitted to its contents
External dimensions: 120mm x 90mm

just another option

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