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RE: [IP] PDA/glucometer


I have had my Freestyle Tracker for about 6 weeks now and I love it. I have
never been able to record so much information before (my laziness and
unwillingness to cart around paper, pencil and meter!) It records carbs
(with a convenient food list that you can add to), insulin, sugars, health
and any other notes you might want to add. It also graphs them on the PDA
and gives you averages. The computer software that accompanies it allows you
to print out your logs to take to the doctors. I just showed my to my endo
last week and he commented on the "excellent records" I was keeping. The
only thing I wish it did was print out the averages and graphs (maybe it
does and I just haven't figured it out yet.) If you have any specific
questions, just let me know.
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