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Re: [IP] Getting a Pump

> This is MY personal experience but I have yet to meet an MM rep that did
> have cheap shots to say about ANY of the other companies. <snip>
> My hat is off to the
> Animas Corporation and how they have trained their people to believe in
> PUMPING, no matter which pump is used, and to be 100% behind ANY pump a
> person should happen to choose.

I think the mistake here is getting an impression of the *company* from the
*individual* working for it.  Ironically, my experience is exactly the
opposite of yours.  The ONLY sales rep I came across without mud to sling at
the other companies was my MM rep.  (Well, unless you count the Deltec guy,
who doesn't seem to care much whether he sells his pump or not.)

I've gotten ominous statements about how bad the other pumps and the
companies behind them are from both my Animas rep and Disetronic one, too.
It's sad.  It really is.

On the other hand, I do try to overlook it because they are doing their job,
trying to make sales and put bread and butter on their own table.

I recently talked with a Logimedix rep (again trying to get my Cozmo trial),
and she told me that was what she liked about her job -- she could sell them
all, so she didn't have to insist one was much better than all the others.

I think I could do that job.  I couldn't work for one of the companies if it
meant insisting my product is superior to every other one out there.  At
least, not if I didn't believe it.  And I don't.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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