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[IP] re: high vs. low

> I want him to excel.  

just remember what someone once said..."the pursuit of excellence is a valid 
expense of time and energy (or something like that)...the pursuit of 
perfection is an exercise in futility"    :-)

> I don't understand his feelings when "low" 

have you ever taken no-dose, or drank alot of caffeine?  that BUZZ you get?  
that is what it FEELS like when I start to go low..a real zzzzzzzzzz in my 
body...the lower I get, the more the buzzzz takes over....I can't concentrate 
on anything, I can't think right...I tend to want to "shop" when I go 
low...."no, not THIS  candy bar, it has too much fat in it (IT WILL SLOW THE 
ABSORPTION OF THE CARBS DOWN IF I EAT THAT heheheheh - just for you, wayne 
and ryan)...no not THIS one, it is tooo expensive...no not THIS one, i don't 
like coconut...oh look that is a nice shirt...maybe i will go try it on...."

after the buzz has gone on for a little bit, I start to get a headache, and 
people WONDER why we are so moody when we are low...though i will admit, I am 
just moody by nature...so when someone (family) asks me if my blood sugars 
are out of whack when I am acting a little bitchy, I usually tell them to 
take a flying leap...I love it when i can test, PROVE my bg is 125 and let 
them know, that NO, I am not LOW, you are just invoking my bitchiness by 
something STUPID you are doing! heheheheh

hope your son grows up mildly calmer than me....:-)

good luck

SSP  - the OTHER smarty pants....who can also be a head spinning fire 
breathing demon when I FEEL like it...
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