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[IP] extreme weather

In 10+ years, I never had a problem with my pump or the tubing or the 
insulin...none that I can attribute to weather...and I have lived/been in ALL 
kinds of climates (and many of them in the last 3 months.....NY blizzard, FL 
beach, Chicago blizzard, San Fran humidity).  I tend to keep the meter out of 
the sun if possible, like under my towel or in my pocket and the tubing too.

I will say I am extremely irritated at the stupid meter companies - I went 
for a 7.5 mile hike today in Sabino Canyon...this is MARCH....and the 
freaking thing said H (for too hot to work) 1/2 way up!!!..what am I supposed 
to do, GUESS what my blood sugar is???  carry a COOLER with me?  please, I 
was lucky to have the bottle of water, a power bar and a roll of dextabs 
(this was an impromptu adventure - one that could have NEVER happened on 
injections).  Why can't they make these stupid things CONSISTENTLY reliable, 
accurate and operable?!??!?  Why do we have to have new and fancier ones that 
record all kinds of crap when all we really need is one that WORKS ALL THE 
TIME!?!?!?  are you LISTENING meter makers???  

So this is the Fast take in march...what happens when it WARMS UP in, say, 
JULY...i live in Tucson, by the way.  how does the ULTRA do in heat?  is it 
better than the fast take?  i have never had a problem with the Profile which 
is my usual meter, despite its 45 second read time, but it is just too big to 
fit in my belly bag...which is why I had the stupid FAST (but only when it is 
cool enough to work) TAKE in there...god, this just irritates the *&#^& outta 

SSP...who is going to be sipping a pina colado on a sail boat in the 
caribbean in less than 48 hours, and MAN does she need it...guess I better 
get cracking on those NY state taxes..any CPAs in here with help on this 
part-year resident garbage??  i could use it about now...
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