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Re: [IP] pump and extreme weather

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 So far, I have never had any problems with my pump. While sledding, I
keep my pump close to my body, so my body heat will keep it warm(I read
that in a book). During the summer, I usually disconect before I head
down to the beach, since our house is close enough to the beach in case
of emergency. I have though, had a few problems with my moniter. While
I was at the pool and went to check my sugar. I had left my glucometer in
a swim bag under an umbrella out of the sun, When I turned it on, it had
this message that said "HOT" I stuck it in a cooler and a few minutes
later it was up and running.  




Just curious if anyone has had problems with their pump in extreme

>While in the Bahamas, I actually placed the pump in the cooler while
laying out. > The reason I am conserned is because when I had bottles of
insulin the Dr.'s >said keep it cold. > Also when I was skiing the bld
meter's display would not work. So I was curious >for your feedback. >
>cindy >newJersey
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