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Re: [IP] what is trigger finger and what can you do about it??

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 > I think I might have the symptoms of trigger finger but I wanted to know more
> about the medical symptoms, what causes it and what can be done about it.
> Thanks.
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Trigger finger is a problem with the tendons of the fingers.  They can swell or
enlarge and then cannot pass through the channels in the fingers specifically
designed for them.  It is like a tube that the tendon passes through.  Trigger
finger allows the tendon to move through the channel, but binds on the return.
Characterized by soreness in the joint and the finger actually locking into a
 position that may or may not require external force to return to normal. It can
 be quite painful I had trigger finger surgery done on the middle and ring
 of my left hand.. The channel was opened up and the tendons no longer bind in
 channel. that was about four years ago and I have had no problems since. I have
been type 1 for over 28 years - diagnosed in 1974 and am in the process of
obtaining my first pump (June/July timeframe).

Gary - South Central PA.
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