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Re: [IP] Re: free BD Logic Meter for Paradigm Pumpers?

On Sunday, March 30, 2003, Heidi Vogan <email @ redacted>

> haven't any of you other non paradigm users gotten
> one?

I got one (BD Logic Meter) last week from Minimed.  And I was a 507c 
user who has already replaced it with an Animas.  Oddly enough, though, 
I was wearing both pumps at the time (one with saline) as an experiment 
to see what was causing my set problems.

I like the meter -- it needs less blood than even the Ultra (I think 
the same amount as the Freestyle?).  I was a little annoyed that there 
didn't seem to be any way to input basal data, only boluses (which I 
believe is a problem with the UltraSmart also?)  Very large, clear 
numbers for bg readings, but no backlight.

Linda Z
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