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RE: [IP] Getting a Pump

Ok people...I'm sorry....much of what I wrote was already said....I hit
reply too soon and hadn't got caught up on all of my old posts....I normally
don't do that....I guess I should stick to my old habits...:)

I still believe what i said....just too bad you all had to read it from one
more redundant source...:-D

I think I will take thisopportunity to let you non and pre-pumpers know that
I had my first low BG reading yester in almost 2 weeks!  :)  Before my pump
I was getting more than one a day.....I LOVE MY PUMP!!! :)


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I am always sad to hear things like this.  While in college I was part of
the volenteer tour guide force.  One of the first things we were taught was
to NEVER say anything bad about other competing schools.  It reflects very
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