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Re: [IP] Re: free BD Logic Meter for Paradigm Pumpers?

I got the letter and last week I got the meter.  We use the Paradigm pump 
and our insurance will cover the strips.  The meter seems to work good and 
it does use a very wmall amount of blood.  We also use the Accu-check 
complete and the Accu-check compact (the ones with the strips in the 
canister) the compact my daughter keeps at school becasue it is nice not to 
have to mess with strips and we were using the complete at home.  This new 
BD meter is the same as the complete the only difference is it is smaller 
and the amount of blood is a lot less.  For us blood doesn't seem to be an 
issue because she always pricks the finger and squeezes and there is enough 
for that accu-check curve strips. I like the meter but there is nothing that 
great about it, it is just another meter.


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