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[IP] Cheap & free diabetic stuff

I was just doing a little spring cleaning, and found some things I no longer
need since upgrading to the paradigm pump:

-box of 24 + 7 extras = 31 in box:  3.0 ml. Reservoirs for Minimed pumps NOT
PARADIGM COMPATIBLE (mmt-103, mmt-193).  $30 US including shipping

-box of 10 quick sets (mmt-392). NOT PARADIGM PUMP COMPATIBLE.  $30 US
including shipping.  If you would like both the reservoirs and the quick
sets, $55 US including shipping for both.

-One Touch Ultra blood glucose test meter STILL IN BOX and un-used.  With
clear cap for easier arm testing sites. $15 US including shipping

-One Touch Ultra blood glucose test meter USED.  Still have all the parts,
carry case, lancet, meter, instruction booklet, etc.  $5 US (just to cover

-One beige plastic B-D insulin pen. FREE - I will pay shipping

-One steel Novolin Pen.  FREE - I will pay shipping

Just send an email to me and we'll work out the details. I hope all this
stuff can find a good home and maybe help someone on a limited budget :)
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