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[IP] Re:test scores when low -- and high

  Yes, Tom, you can have problems with a high -- the morning I was 
taking my French Literature final in my first semester of college and 
had, probably for the first time in my life, forgotten my shot, I ended 
up just turning in my unfinished paper and leaving because it had been 
a really, really big deal to get permission to go out to the bathroom 
that first time! Yes, I got a D, and no, I never brought it up with the 
professor -- this was 1962, and we just wouldn't have in those days, 
right, guys?  However, in elementary school, my early morning highs 
many times resulted in vomiting, and, while I don't actually remember 
getting out of any tests that way, I expect I would have been allowed 
to <gr.>.  Neither condition was conducive to concentrating on a test 
<gr.>.  Nor would be that overwhelming sleepiness that I seem to 
remember getting with some highs.

Linda Z
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