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Re: [IP] Getting a Pump

Kristen states:  She is disgusted when a rep from one company takes a cheap 
shot at another company....

This is MY personal experience but I have yet to meet an MM rep that did not  
have cheap shots to say about ANY of the other companies.  And the shot about 
the backup pump is very common amongst the MM reps.   My hat is off to the 
Animas Corporation and how they have trained their people to believe in 
PUMPING, no matter which pump is used, and to be 100% behind ANY pump a 
person should happen to choose.  Animas is PRO-PUMP and that is what everyone 
should be focusing on, not bashing and mud-slinging.

mom to Joshua who pumps his Dis H-Tron+ pumps and SOOO grateful we have that 
backup so we will NEVER have to worry about a pump going bad...I call it 
INSURANCE...and insurance I'm happy to say we have NEVER needed!!!
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