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Re: [IP] Pump choice and advice ( help for people looking at pumps)

>  Make sure you are comfortable with the rep. They will be your contact
> with the company and this should be a good relationship.

Perhaps things have changed, and you deal more with the reps now than in the
past.  I have gotten the idea from a couple of reps that they see and talk
to wearers of their pump in their areas regularly.

But I don't think the rep is all that important.  I met my local MM rep when
I got my 504 ONE time.  When I got my 507, I NEVER talked to a MM sales rep.
(Unless you count all the MM propaganda I got in my doctor's office as
dealing with a sales rep.)  I've had more contact from several sales reps
this time with companies that I haven't even bought from yet than I ever had
a working relationship with a pump rep.

I guess that means when you have one who cares and is willing to offer you
advice and help you out as much as possible along the way, you know you've
got a good one.  But my suspicion is that every company has good reps and
some that are not so good.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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