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Re: [IP] do you use alcohol and i.v. prep?

> Alcohol swabs are _not_ considered to be a more effective skin
> disinfectant than soap and water

It is for that reason that I don't use alcohol to prep my skin, either.  My
doctor told me that they weren't necessary, and for the last couple of years
before pumping, I didn't prep before my injections.

However, when I started pumping, I was encouraged to use something stronger
to prep my site.  I have always used betadine.  It is better than alcohol
because (I was told) it not only works when applied, as alcohol does, but it
continues working as long as it remains on the skin.  I leave it there and
put the site on over it, although I do use Skin Prep for its adhesive
properties as well.

When I came to IP and discovered most people didn't use betadine, I thought
about stopping, but just feel better using it.  YMMV.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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