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Re: [IP] test scores when low


Yes, by all means expect the teacher to make-up the test. Your daughter 
has a medical condition that can't be perfectly controlled. She is 
entitled, legally and ethically, to have exceptions based on her blood 

If she is in a public school, you are entitled to a 504 which will 
protect her with appropriate accommodations. Several of us on this list 
have 504's in place to ensure our children's rights in school. If you 
want to know more, just ask.

Your daughter needs you to be her advocate. Don't ever feel bad about 
jumping in when she needs you too.


betasp wrote:

>My daughter (age 8) took a math test this morning while she was low and
>couldn't concentrate.  She went to the office to check after the test and
>was in the 50's.  
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