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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm problems

I have been pumping for a year and a half and have been through many
pumps and have gotten a lot of E21 alarms for no reason, with the pump
just shutting down and losing all settings.  MiniMed did send me
replacement pumps, but I got where I could reprogram the pump faster
than I could get off hold to tech support -- and yes I can program my
VCR and all the appliances in my house.

I am the opposite of Ryan in that although I have been pumping for a
18 months, since this January until now is the longest time I have had
without a pump malfunction.  I am finally starting to gain confidence in
my pump and be able to sleep fully through the night and not be afraid
that it will stop working while I'm asleep.  Once you lose confidence in
your pump, or the pump company, it takes a long time to get that
confidence back, if it comes back ever.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted

>  I got an E21 without any warning.  No "low battery", no "NO 
> POWER".  It just went straight to E21 out of the blue, for no reason. 
> Don't tell me that an E21 is "no big deal".  Minimed thinks it is, and 
> so do I if my pump just spontaneously "shuts down" and loses all 
> settings. ...
 > From this point forward, I will not feel secure in knowing I haven't had any
> with my pump in the past.
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