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Re: [IP] Rapid C sets? & how to wear on arm

>I was given a couple of Rapid D sets to try, and I found the 
>disconnect portion very annoying.  I see on the European Disetronic 
>site that there is such a thing as a Rapid C, which disconnects like 
>a tender/silhouette, at the site.  Is anyone getting that set in the 
>Also, I am trying to wear the Rapids in my arm.  Anyone have any 
>tips on what to do with the tubing?
>Linda Z

Linda, the Rapid C is only available in Germany and I understand that 
it will not be brought to the US.  I use the Rapid D in my arms and I 
get it with the 24" tubing which I tuck into an Arm Thing.  I have 
found that if I do the insertion high enough toward the shoulder, I 
can bend that arm up to reach and hold one side of the disconnect. 
Otherwise, if it is placed too low on the arm, I cannot hold both 
sides of the disconnect and need help.

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