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[IP] Paradigm problems

I had 2 E21 alarms and called MM right when I had the 1st alarm.  The 
2nd one I had, it followed with a Power Off message, I changed the 
battery, reprogrammed everything and my BG's were OK all day.  I 
thought I had better call and inform MM of this problem.  I was told 
that a "new" pump would be arriving on Thursday (this happening on a 
Tureday) and that I would have to return my "defective" pump.  They 
made it sound like I had no choice in the matter.  Well, I guess I am 
glad I mailed them back my original pump as I have had no problems 
with the "new" pump.  This one does have the version 2.0 and I think 
my 1st one had version 1.7.  Not sure what the difference is but as 
long as it works I am a happy girl!  


I've had 3 of those alarms and ther are NO BIG DEAL!!!! This is a 
safty feature that MM put in that pump
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