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Re: [IP] UltraSmart

There may have been more posts about this, but I had my wisdom teeth pulled 
earlier this week, and missed most of the week's posts (couldn't deal with 
wading through 600 email messages). I had posted early on about my 
dis-satisfaction with Lifescan's release of the UltraSmart before the 
release of the software. The software's now out, and I really like the 
analysis it does. It seems to have most of the graphs I like, and logs that 
my perinatoligst and endo will probably like. I haven't explored all aspects 
of the software, but I like what I've seen. Although I like it, I'm still 
not happy with companies that promise features, but release the product 
without the promised features ... give me a conservative date up front, and 
I'm happy if you deliver early, but will never be a satisfied customer if 
you deliver late. I'm hoping the new paradigm features coming out will come 
close to the estimated dates I've heard, but based on past experience, not 
holding my breath. Am I impatient? Probably. But I prefer to think of it as 
holding companies to their own promises. =) YMMV

Over-all, I love the meter, and am working to train myself to log stuff in 
it - doing better so far than I ever did on paper when a doctor wasn't 
looking over my sholder.

Type 1 8 years, pumping 10 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm.

>  Anyone used the OneTouch UltraSmart yet? Is it worth the cost, etc.? I'm
>thinking of getting one, but want to see what experienced users say. 
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