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Re: [IP] Re: free BD Logic Meter for Paradigm Pumpers?

This isn't just for the paradigm users,I've got a 508
and they sent me one as well(have had my 508 two
years)..I believe it is for all MM users.(don't quote
me on that)Just received mine today.It looks like a
pretty cool,useful little meter and it looks very
portable to me.It is about the same size as the
Ultra,and there is a strap inside the case that will
hold the meter just fine.(on ski lifts,whatever) I
have not actually tried it yet,so I can't comment on
its accuracy.
--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi Everyone:
>  I was just wondering, have most people using a
> Paradigm Pump gotten a
> certificate for a free BD Logic BG meter?
>  Except from other people on this list I have not
> heard anything about it or
> received any info.
>  I got my pump last June - are they maybe doing it
> only for people who got their
> pumps recently and already have the new software
> that will be needed to use the
> radio communication features that they will be
> creating?
>  For those who already have this meter, how do you
> like it? How does it compare
> to the Freestyle (espescially in size and
> portability)? Does it have a case that
> it can stay in while you test (ie you don't have to
> take the meter out and put
> it on a table or hold it to test ... meaning u could
> test on a ski lift w/o fear
> of dropping it)?
> Thanks for any info
> Marianne
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